Grae Magazine’s LAFG

Over fifty photographers, one meet up.. check out what happens when you put the two together. The Los Angeles Flikr Gathering now in this month’s Grae. Rob Woodcox, Joel Robison, Sarah Ann Loreth and a whole lot more featured in this issue. Tweet

Fresh Squeezed, The Issue.



This month’s Grae was created to celebrate Women and shine spotlight on issues otherwise known as taboo. Filling this issue is three womanly artists who have definitely made their mark on the art world. Make sure to check out the very talented, Dina Goldstein with Fallen Princesses, Sarah Nieman from Quiescent Magazine and fashion blogger [...]


We’ve put our own spin on Instagram. Artists like Casey Neistat, Morgan Tepsic, Julia Trotti, and more fill this month’s issue. Tweet

Wonderland, The Issue

We’ve created our very own wonderland. An issue filled with Alice in Wonderland inspired artwork. Artists like Joel Robison, Three Nails Photography, Keegan Kapugal and much more are featured in this issue. Tweet

Grae, The Issue

Grae is officially a year old and this is the issue to celebrate our year anniversary. We explore what Grae has been up to this past year and what Grae was created for. This issue is all about getting out of the mold that society has created for us and creating our own. Art is [...]

The 365 Issue

We take a look through Project 365 and what it’s all about. We have chosen three very intriguing 365′s, make sure to check out work from Matthew Coughlin, Karrah Kobus, and Rosie Hardy. Click the full screen button to get the full effect. Tweet

The Rebirth Issue.

This issue is filled with art from artists, Aaron Nace & Avery Carlton, Rebecca Walker, Sophia Alverado, and more. And don’t forget to check out the interview with The Sigfigs. You can’t miss it. Tweet

The Gemini Issue

The Gemini Issue is filled with talented artists. Aldo Quintino, Chris Alfaro, Glenn Arthur, Archan Nair, Anahy Ruelas, Kelly Thompson, Emma Sheldrake, and so much more. A special thanks to our guest writer Skyler Blair who had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Alfaro, and to Steph Granshaw for designing such a beautiful cover. Tweet

The Mulatto Issue

The Mulatto Issue is taken a look at from a whole different perspective. We take you through the art world in black and white. It is the little things we pass by every day and take for granted, this issue reminds us to appreciate the beauty and simplicity in the little things around us. Artists [...]

The Labyrinth

A labyrinth means a complex system of paths or tunnels in which it is easy to get lost. To us, a person’s face is the perfect example of a labyrinth. We are able to manipulate and control what goes on, on our faces. In this issue, we take a look at how artists so creatively [...]

The Melting Pot

In this issue, we wanted to take you guys on a trip around the world. We wanted to see the different ways each artist captures a place, different from the one we see around us. We wanted to fit as much culture as we could into the Melting Pot. This issue is filled with art [...]

Five Cents, The Issue

We wanted to explore how our five senses affects our art and the world around us. For our sense of hearing, we got to interview talented musician Mikey Pauker. For our sense of feel, we have a creative writing piece by Portlan Beckman. For our sense of sight we are taken through the treasures of [...]

Body Language, The Issue

We wanted to take you through the world of dance. We explore dance in every day situations with Jordan Matter’s ‘Dancers Among Us’. We get a behind the scenes look with Twitch photographed by Danny Tayenaka and we see true beauty in Dane Shitagi’s Ballerina Project. Dance is a universal language that is spoken with [...]

Jack Strutz

Jack Strutz is a photographer based in California. We admire the youth that Jack brings to life through his photos. Tweet

Emily Greene

Aspiring photographer based in Ireland. Check out more of her work here. Tweet

Caitlin Worthington

Art we love for the day is by Caitlin Worthington. A 21 year old photographer based in Australia. Check out more of her work here. Tweet